While planing for a holiday trip, you need to check out everything is set. Don’t start your trip without proper planing. Here we are going to discuss things you need to keep in your mind before starting your holiday abroad.

Thinks to do before before traveling abroad

You need to check out validity of your passport, it’s a common mistake most travelers do. Make sure your passport is valid for a year. You need to check out, whether you need a valid visa for country you go for holiday. It’s up to your citizenship, some countries need visa for proper traveling else it may result in deportation.

You need to check out climate condition of location you are going for holiday. So, that you can take necessary medicines and clothing which suits that climatic conditions.

You need to make sure your both side flights, hotels, transfers, holiday packages are booked according to right timings. There are chances in timing difference between your home country and country you are going to enjoy your holiday. So, always make sure everything you have properly arranged on time. Otherwise, there are chances to spoil your holiday mood.

You need to check out language of your holiday destination. As English is commonly speaking in all countries, but if you are traveling to inner side of holiday destinations sometimes language will be an issue. You have to download google translate plugins and other travel guide apps should be downloaded in your mobile or tablet.

Never take precious ornaments or valuable stuffs while you travel abroad. There are chances you may miss it somewhere you stay or else chances of getting stolen. For a peaceful trip it’s better to keep your precious belongings in your home itself.

Always activate roaming functionality with your mobile operator before you travel abroad. This will help you to communicate with your friends and family while you are on holidays as well as easily connect to internet while you travel. If, you are regular traveler you can buy international sim card which helps while you travel abroad.

Never carry huge amount of currency while you travel abroad. You can keep bit money with you, in our option most countries card are acceptable. If, you don’t have a travel card you can purchase one from your home country foreign currency exchange agency. If, you forget to exchange money from your home country, no need to worry about it. You can exchange from the airport foreign exchange counter.

While bagging your things make sure every items are packed properly. Please make sure don’t pack items which are banned in the country you are going to travel. Some countries certain items are not allowed. It’s important to make sure items which are packed proper way and remove banned items from your baggage. Other important point is always check baggage policy of each airline you have booked. If you have booked a budget airline make sure you order extra baggage, otherwise you have to pay huge amounts, for extra baggage from the airport.

For safer side, we suggest purchasing a travel insurance while you travel abroad. This helps to cover any uncertainty which may happen accident while you travel.


Let’s conclude, for better travel experience we suggest following above steps to make your holiday abroad memorable. If you stuck somewhere, never get panic just take a deep breath and control your mind first. While you travel will face lots of challenges, which will help you to become an experienced traveler. Face your challenges with a friendly smile and make your holiday memorable. If, we miss out any of the points above feel free to comment below. We are happy to hear from you.